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Punk Rock Holiday 1.9
Monday Warm UP

The ninth PRH was opened with Multiball. The first visitors where listening at the Main Stage and the first circle pit happened. The crowd loved the melodic punkstyle and the band gave away some merch for free, nice. After that played Backstage and additionally to their good show they performed a offspring cover, all I want.

Golliwog rocked up with their fast sound and the first stage dives happened. But nobody understand the fact, that some stage divers had to photograph themselves with their mobile phone while they did stage dives. It’s bullshit.

Not on Tour made a good and professional show. After that there where Pulley, and they hat a lot of fun at the stage and the mood was very good.
Not on Tour

On the second day of PRH we visited the beach stage and listened to the band Ants. A good band with much Power and good sound.

First Band at the main stage was Useless ID and they rocked up with skate and melodic punk sound.
At the American socks stage was Not on Tour with an accustic set. Unfortunately the sound was too quiet and there where too many people.
Good Riddance made it after that at the main stage. A good and fast Punkrockshow.

After that, there was Frank Turner. He rocked up the crowd and the show was great, everybody loved him. He also sang a blink 182 cover, dammit. It’s a band, who can play everywhere and which could be very interesting for classic-rockfans.

Then there was the great Decendents! And in time came the rain, like it was a few years ago at PRH. But the mood was great, the band played all their hits and everybody danced in the rain.
The Mor(r)ons
Good Riddance
Frank Turner

At the beachstage played Call me Malcom and they made it. It`s the perfect beachstage band with great sound, something between reggae, punk and ska and you can dance to the music.
Pense from Brasil gave us good old hardcore, they had a lot of fans.

Masked Intruder rocked at the main stage afterwards and made a bombastic show. There where colored balls and colored maskes, the sound was pop/punkrock, fantastic. The highlight of the show was a security man, who was dancing in leopantys after he undressed himself from his officeruniform.

After that, Pennywise. As a surprise, fat mike played the bassguitar when they begun their biggest hit bro hym, everybody wanted to rock with him on stage.

Then it was time for Sick of it all. Finally more good hardcore sound to rock up.
Less than Jake played all their hits after them, it was a good time. Fat mike was sitting on stage, eating his pizza, drinking his melon ball and listened to the band. A perfect evening with good weather was going to be over.

Call me Malcom
Captain Trips
Masked Intruder
Sick of it all
Less than Jake

So excited about NOFX today! But first going to the beach stage, chilling, relaxing and watching Straightline. They made a good show and played a vengaboys cover, like everytime when they are at the Punk Rock Holiday.

At the Main Stage Dave Hause played  a soft and relaxing rock set.
After that the awesome Iron Reagan. Great metal sound, great show. You should definitely watch them!

Then came Ignite. It was ok, but it`s not a good idea to play before NOFX with that melodic-hardcore sound.

And then, at 00.05 am, NOFX came on the stage. Fatmike was wearing a green dress. Dancing and playing while drinking an XL Melon Ball. A perfect show with perfect weather and no rain. NOFX are the best punk band and their prices for merch are relatively cheap for such a big band. So all in all a wonderful and sympathetic band with a fantastic show.

Much the same
Dave Hause
Iron Reagan

At the last day of PRH we relaxed at the beach stage and listened to the bands Custody and Krang. The sun was shining and it was very warm.

Than the bad news, beyond burgers and melon balls are sold out! So we drank grapefruit radler or beer and watched the band Pears at the main stage. The singer of the band is full of passion and the band was rocking. After that Pup played at the main stage. They had a perfect sound and a made professional show. It`s a mix between pop and punk. They have a lot of fans and I think they will be more famous in a few months. The hits sleep in the heat and kids were great.

After that played Teenage bottlerocket. So the name is program and they made a good show.

At least and as a very grand finale, Propagandhi. The show was varied, special, full of power and they had a good sound. It`s a band you should watch, you will not regret it.

So the Punk Rock Holiday is a wonderful festival. The beach stage with it`s nice rivers is a magical place to stay. You can just relax or hear good bands. If you want a break, you can go left at the beach stage and on the end there is a beautiful small waterfall and you can just enjoy the great nature.

At the festival, you have a lot of opportunities for toilets and there a some waterstations were you can get fresh water for free. Additionally you can sit everywhere (when the weather is good) and you have much shady spaces. Of course you can have vegan food, like the beyond burger or some indian food.

The city Tolmin is a nice place too, there are some cute restaurants and coffee shops and they are very cheap, for example the M-bar or the Italian restaurant Tmin. You can also buy some ice cream and there is the option to get a half scoop for 70 cents.

So all in all, Punk Rock Holiday is a very special and wonderful festival and I am looking forward to stay there next year!

Report: Jenny Steam / Analog Photos, Homepage: John Steam
All pictures are shot with Nikon F100, APX100 (@320) and HP5+ (@3200) film.
Sidewalk Surfers
Teenage Bottlerocket
Useless ID
Beach, Skatearea, etc.