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Punk Rock Holiday 1.5: Warm-Up-Day (03.08.15)

You only hear positive stuff if you ask someone about the Punkrock Holiday. Because this years line-up at Monte Paradiso was only for die-hard crusties, we decided to cancel our obligatory Croatia trip and go to Tolmin.

The line-up there was more than impressive. There were bands for everyone. In addition, the festival location is located on a breathtakingly idyllic river crossing the middle of the Alps and can only be reached via an adventurous serpentine ride. The fun in paradise including the warm-up day - which really does not count as such - lasted for five days. The warm-up day had already a lot to offer with Scheisse Minelli, Petrol Girls, In-Sane and an anti-flag acoustic set. Accordingly much was already happening.

What first came to notice: almost everyone spoke German - and every ten meters you met someone you already knew. What was going on? – After a look at the drinks prices, a lot was clear. With beer in  little size for 2.50 € you can even in Munich get drunk cheaper. In addition, you could not pay with cash, you have to get your stuff with a paycard you can get at the entrance. What I think of it, is also not clear to me afterwards. In any case i quickly lost track of my finances.

Another strange thing was the fact that the event was (part)sponsored by Hofer (if you bought stuff there for 15 Euro you got a free-drink at the festival).

Anti-Flag turned out to be as just their bassist with some other musicians who played anti-flag songs in acoustic version. They did very decently, but were still not as announced anti-flag. No matter, on the first "official" festival day, the Amis around Frontman Justin Sane were still headliners anyway.

All in all, the first evening left a stifling impression. However, after a refreshing visit to the river and a lot of beer (bought at Hofer for more than 15 euros) this was pretty quickly turned into the positive on the following day.


Reigns! On the first "official" day, the festival started to get better and better.

Not On Tour were from the start the absolute bangers and had the whole festival destroyed. I got this with full awareness and put my hand on it. Because no band could beat that in the next hours we stayed quite a lot at the campground and at the excellent river. And got drunk.

Later on the whole festival bars had been opened which served 0.5l beer. This price was more suited to German upperclass punkers (which we are are). A considerable advance to the warm-up party. Keep it up!

The bassist of Anti-Flag then had all the band members together. Although I am not the biggest fan of the band myself, I have to admit that they are great live. Against Me! were however my personal highlight. Gender is over - Yeah!

At some point my memory receded. But I still know that at the end of Flogging Molly it escalated completly. The "Drunken Lullaby" was seldom so appropriate. In the absence of more precise memories I can not and will not go into detail at this point what else happened.


One of the most important finding of the stay in Slovenia is the piquant Hummus (buy it at Hofer), is the best food in the world. Also ideal for dipping sausages. Topic change:

We got quite early to Jaya The Cat. Not just because of the cultic front (normally you can hunt me with reggae). But because of the great weather and temperatures the music was really nice. Waiting for the next bands, DMX and Dr. Dre (traditionally Punkrock style) music was heating up the audience before Teenage Bottlerocket and Madball had all hewn out of the slippers.

Somehow we managed to marvelously fall into a veritable drunkenness. So the song "Dixietoilet over there - Gengnagel here!" Was created by the combined songwriting arts of high-classified bands like Crack It !, Sonic Abuse and Dollars For Deadbeats.

Finally, the Beatsteaks were on the program and thanks to an excellent show they also made it awesome for people who are not into beatsteaks. So I give a 1 with star for this giant party.


You can say what you want, but when viewed neutrally, the Exploited are really shit. After 30 years in  music business forgeting your own song-texts has something very impressive. Meanwhile singer Wattie threatened to cancel the performance because Stagedivers jumped on the stage. Of course, this never happens at a punkrock festival. But also the guy has something sad.

On the other hand, Siberian Meat Grinder, who destroyed the beach stage in the late afternoon, were extremely cool. Even if it smelled in front of the stage, as if there actually Siberian meat was grinding. After three days of festival, punks begin to secrete bizarre odors.

At the top of the main stage, it was much better. Raised Fist and Less Than Jake have ripped the rudder and saved the evening. Before that, we also had a nude bathing session and were forced by the drunken “Angrier-Than-You” guitarist Jo to drink lot of schnapps.

The drunkest person on the whole festival was Straightline drummer Randy, and he had to beat the drums the next day with his band!


On the last day of the festival, it was clear that most people did not make it for five days. Accordingly, some visitors on Friday had already left and the spectacle in front of the stages was altogether more reserved.

This included our Straightline bros, which were the last band on the beach stage. The guys were bombshell as usual, although they had previously only a single rehearsal with the backup bass player. The totally drunken Randy also seemed surprisingly sober! Compared to the party the day before at the same time with Siberian Meat Grinder the number of visitors was a little lower.

At the main stage it looked much better. Probably most people just needed longer to drag their weary carcasses out of the bathing area on the ground. From the lineup the last day was personally the weakest for me. Elvis Jackson, Venerea and Satanic Surfers were absolutely fine but I had meanwhile pushed me to my physical limits.

Unfortunately we had to omit the punkrock karaoke afterwards because of the the journey home the next day. Apparently it went to the end once again murderous. After two o clock John Steam and I got exhausted but still satisfied to the hotel. Unfortunately, I forgot  to drink a hammer slammer. This is the legendary drink at the Punkrock Holiday. You get a protective helmet placed, afterwards you ex your drink and then get beaten on the head by the bar staff with a baseball bat. Sounds wonderful. But I was already knocked out without!

(Photos: John Steam / Autor: He-Man Powerblast)

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